Knowledge Park Terengganu

The Knowledge Park is located on a beach front comprising 700 acres of land adjacent to the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Campus in Besut, Terengganu. The Knowledge Park, as a new university township, is designed to be a safe and intelligent edu-tourism city equipped with state-of-the-art information and communications systems with advanced multimedia capabilities.

Under Phase 1, the state government has started the construction of the following:

Administration Building

  • Designed as a shared facility to accommodate the administrative offices of all the 6 universities.

Student Centre

  • This centre, a miniature shopping mall, will house convenience stores, F & B outlets, stationery stores, printing and copying centres and other requirements of the park occupants.

Convocation Hall

  • The Convocation Hall as another shared common facility, will be able to accommodate 8,000 persons at any one time.

Main Library

  • This multi-media library would be able to accommodate 10,000 occupants at any one time, and will operate around the clock.

Central Mosque

  • Situated strategically in the centre of the Park, the mosque is able to accommodate a congregation of up to 15, 000 persons comprising of both locals and the Park’s residents.

Sports Centre

  • Comprises a mini out-door stadium, 2 indoor stadiums, and other outdoor courts and playing fields.

Student Hostel

  • Comprises six student residential complexes consisting of 1,300 units per complex.

Infrastructure and utilities

  • Comprises roads, electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, telecommunications and other amenities to accommodate the needs of a population of 100,000 people within the Knowledge Park.

Other Developments

  • An Aqua stadium, a water theme park, swimming pools, F & B outlets, boutique hotels, a golf course and a driving range among others are planned to be built within this precinct.